Food and Fuel POS Solutions offers the complete line of Clover POS products from First Data.  Whether your immediate need is for a single merchant solution to accept credit cards including swipe, EMV, Apple Pay, or Android Pay or a complete POS system for a convenience store or gas station, we can handle the task.  The lineup includes mobile devices for those who need to carry their POS/credit card solution with them. 

Types of businesses that Clover POS is well suited for include -

  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
  • Full Retail Stores
  • Restaurants (kitchen printers available)
  • Ice Cream or Yogurt Shops
  • Auto Repair Facilities
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Food Trucks

Practically any type of business can benefit from the comprehensive design, reasonable cost, convenience, and ease of operation of a Clover POS system from Food and Fuel POS Solutions. 

NeXGen Forecourt ControllerCouple your new Clover POS system to Allied Electronics, Inc.'s NeXGen Forecourt Controller and you get a top notch system for selling fuel and managing your store.  Just like with systems costing 10s of 1000s of dollars more, your customers can pay at the pump with their preferred card type or your cashiers can approve or prepay pumps from the register and include the fuel sale with the customer's additional items.  The NeXGen Forecourt Controller works with all major fuel dispensers as well as tank monitors, car wash controllers, and more. 

Along with your new Clover POS save even more by upgrading your dispensers to accept EMV cards.  Our new card readers for dispensers sell for a fraction of those previously available from other distributors.  You will save, on average, around $3500 per dispenser when utilizing our card reader!

Contact us today to discuss your needs or to schedule an on-site hands-on demo of the Clover POS system. 

Clover POS Features - Cloud based, affordable cost, unsurpassed reliability, maximum security, inventory, reports...
Benefits of Clover POS -
Ease of Use - Reduced Training Times
Exceptionally Low Maintenance Costs

    Solid State - Durable
    Ease of Expandability
Expandable - Install as many terminals as needed in your store or restaurant at very affordable add-on prices!
Your Clover POS solution comes with an extensive network of support. This includes expert support from Food & Fuel POS...

Food & Fuel POS Solutions, fueling equipment company, and most of all, First Data's 24/7 unparalleled support.

Clover POS for Fuel

- Affordable

- Unparalled Reliability

- Quick and Easy Expandability

- The Options You Require

- The Support You Deserve

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Clover for Small Shops

- Affordable

- Inventory Track and Reorder

- Easily Track
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